Morphometric Analysis of Muscle Spindles in Intercostal and Extraocular Muscles in Goat and Squirrel

D J Prakash M Surendran


Aim of the present study to evaluate the morphometric analysis of muscle spindles in intercostal muscles and extraocular muscles. To find out the muscle receptor population including the number, size and density in the extraocular muscles and intercostal muscles. The animals used for the animal experiments belong to different mammalian orders as follows: Squirrel (Funambulas palmarum) Order–Rodentia; Goat–(Capra species) Order – Artiodactyla.   The muscle spindles do play a significant role in the visual acuity of lateral-eyed mammals and frontal-eyed mammals. Also an attempt was undertaken to do a  systematic  study of  the  different respiratory  muscles  so  as  to define  the relative importance  of  their  postural  and  ventilatory roles.

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