Physiochemical Characterization of an Ayurvedic Herbomineral Formulation

Vinamra Sharma Anand K Chaudhary


The aim of present paper is to develop the standards of a novel herbomineral formulation. The drug Leukchem 14 may be grouped under the category of one type of Rasaushadhi (herbomineral formulation) known as Kharaliya Rasayana. Quality is responsible not only for identification of any medicaments but also reproduced pharmacological action of a drug. The study of physiochemical parameters showed that the 8.97 %, 9.24%, 1.34 %, 4.72 %, and 27.91% of LOD, total ash value, acid in-soluble ash, water soluble ash, alcoholic extractives and water soluble extractives respectively.  The pH of the drug is medium acidic i.e. 4.51 %.   The property of ideal drug is to be not too acidic or alkaline. So, collectively we can concluded that the drug has its own standards may be reproduced.

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