Calibre Spectra of Gustatory Nerves Innervating the Tongues of Selected Mammals

Dr D J Prakash


To study the calibre spectra of gustatory nerves innervatingthe tongues of squirrel, rat, bat, rabbit and mongoose. Animals can adopt themselves to the environmental conditions in several ways. The presence of muscular and neural connections in the tongue and detailed neuron anatomical depiction of the nerves topography has both been demonstrated. The experiments model were conducted in the mammals such as three striped palm squirrel (Funambuluspalmarum) order – Rodentia, rat (Rattusrattus) order – Rodentia, Bat (Hipposideroussperios) order – Chiroptera, rabbit (Oryctolaguscunniculus) order – Rodentia and Mongoose – (Herpestesedwarsii) order – carnivora. The nerves appeared to be well fixed in cross sections, which myelin sheaths appeared as a distinct dark band around the axolemma. The external diameters of the myelinated and unmyelinated fibres were measured. 

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