Antioxidant Efficacy in Selected Estuarine Actinomycetes

Dr S ChackoVijai Sharma S ChackoVijai Sharma


To evaluate the antioxidant efficacy in selected estuarine Actinomycetes sp. Marine soil samples were collected from different stations in Pulicat back water lagoon.  Samples were also collected from different stations in Muttukadu back water lagoon and Ennore estuary, Tamilnadu, India. The crude extract was obtained by removing solvents using rotary evaporator, dissolved in water and lyophilized to a powder form. Potential DNA damage inhibition by marine actinobacteria extracts was tested by phtolysing H2O2 by UV radiation in presence of pBR322 plasmid DNA and performing agarose gel electrophoresis with the irradiated DNA. The electrophorotic pattern of positive control comprising untreated and non-irradiated plasmid DNA, negative control untreated UV irradiated plasmid DNA and treated with EA extracts of isolated Actinomycetes sp with UV irradiated plasmid DNA revealed. In conclusion, the ethyl acetate extract of the isolates were subjected to DNA damage inhibition test which resulted DNA protection against UV irradiation generated oxidative stress in plasmid DNA.

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